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              สมัคร โจ๊ก เกอร์ xo

              Contractor UK is home to the UK's IT contracting community. Online since 1999, offering daily news & features, thousands of articles, contract jobs, rates, calculators & a very active forum with over 26,000 members. Contractor UK has everything for the successful IT contractor.

              Contractor Umbrella - Ltd & Umbrella?Award-winning, hassle-free umbrella company with over 19 years experience. Same day payments.

              Closing a Limited Company?Get a free quote from MVL specialists, Beacon.

              Health Insurance for contractorsLet Drewberry find the best quote for you. Access faster treatment. Protect you & your family.

              Clever Accounts IR35 Solutions & Free Insurance. £84.50 pm.

              Latest News

              Contractor accountant Patrick Gribben doesn’t expect a bold chancellor, especially with two big tax hikes already incoming.

              Competition for techie talent is putting pay on a next level, but it’s reserved just for contractors.

              Four-part Revenue factsheet could be a substitute, or starting pistol, for umbrella company regulation measures next Wednesday.

              As the case of The Trainline two shows, HMRC remains interested in PSCs. But you can forget your accountant’s old adage.

              Umbrella company says it’s back to ‘business as usual,’ although questions remain over data protection.

              The residual risk of IR35 just got real (for a bit) for two PSCs, confirming retrospective challenges are still a threat.

              Autumn Budget is unfortunately too soon for an overhaul of the complex, erosive HMRC policy.

              Rishi Sunak called to unblock the HMRC-contractor ‘impasse’ on disguised remuneration.

              Latest Guides

              Ahead of an important webinar for ContractorUK readers, Matt Craven concedes that LinkedIn is inescapable.

              20th October, 2021 | CV Guides

              Key considerations for limited company directors facing the CJRS’s September claims deadline of October 28th.

              19th October, 2021 | Coronavirus

              Amid more contractors regarding ‘Ltd’ as limited, here’s nine ways to ensure umbrella contracting works for you.

              15th October, 2021 | Umbrella Companies

              Ten queries the taxman fires in his bid to enforce the off-payroll legislation.

              13th October, 2021 | IR35

              If he’s jabbed, it’s ‘bon voyage’ for a contractor who wants to see the sights while not meeting and greeting.

              12th October, 2021 | Contracting Overseas

              Guide for contractors wanting to lend between two businesses which they are the sole shareholder director of.

              5th October, 2021 | Limited Companies

              Explainer for limited company shareholders on foregoing their right to part of the next dividend.

              30th September, 2021 | Limited Companies

              A free and downloadable deed of waiver for shareholders to add their details to.

              30th September, 2021 | Limited Companies

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